SDF seize “Syrian Grains” in Al Hasakeh

SDF loyal to the US Army seized the General Administration of Syrian Grains Establishment, located in the city of Al Hasakeh (northeastern Syria), and extended their control over it, as part of their plan that they began a while ago to convert government headquarters to a US army base.

A group of SDF organization, which is affiliated with the US Army, broke into the main building of the “Syrian Grains” General Corporation located in the gathering of government official departments in the southern section of Ghweran neighborhood, at the entrance to Al Zuhur neighborhood in Al Hasakeh at the end of the official working hours.

On Thursday, June 25th, SDF fighters expelled and removed all guards after seizing and closing the building’s keys.

The Syrian government building is very close to the center of the US army forces, which during the last period and through the SDF forces occupied the buildings of a number of government departments, namely the Commercial Bank, Tourism and Secondary and the Tourism Institute.

The Syrian General Grain Establishment building, which was seized by SDF militants, is located near the Industrial Secondary Industrial Prison and the Industrial Institute, which the US army and its affiliate organization have turned into a prison and detention center for interrogation of ISIS operatives held in Al Hasakeh Central Prison.

A Syrian government source in Al Hasakeh province told Russian news agency Sputnik that there are “contacts through the Russian mediator with the so-called Kurdish administration, in an attempt to restore the building and return the workers to their workplace, and the need to preserve furniture, official papers, databases and computer hardware within the building”.

The SDF organization occupied the buildings of the Syrian Government Establishment for grains, the Commercial Bank, and the Tourism Directorate building, after attacking the sites of the Syrian army in August 2016, and after negotiations between the joint committee of the two sides, the Syrian Army and the Kurdish units for the implementation of the Hmeimim Agreement between the two parties, they were completed.

Return government work to a number of buildings of the Syrian state institutions, including the Tourism Directorate, the Commercial Bank branch, the Deaf and Mute Institute, the General Administration of the Syrian Grain Establishment, the Euphrates University branch, and the faculties of economics and civil engineering.

The SDF organization, with the support of the US army, was able to convert many buildings of government, military and police departments and institutions into security centers for the Kurdish factions, and from these buildings is the building of the Civil affairs Directorate in the province of Al Hasakeh and the branch of the fuel company “Sadkoub” The inspection, the Gweran Grain Center, the Immigration, Passports, Traffic and Central Prison Police branches, despite the many demands to return them to work, because of this have a great impact on the daily life of citizens in the province.

In this context, the SDF organization, which is backed by the US Army, continues for the 23rd day in a row to prevent farmers from marketing and delivering their production to government centers in the cities of Al Hasakeh and Qamishli and forced them to send their crops to their centers, in light of the near-final end of the harvest season in the Syrian wheat capital (Governorate Al Hasakeh).

For its part, government sources confirmed to “Sputnik” correspondent that the “Syrian Grains” branch in Qamishli has a strategic store of wheat sufficient for the population of Al Hasakeh Governorate for a full year, explaining that “the nine centers in Al Hasakeh governorate have received good quantities of wheat in areas under the control of the Syrian army”.

The sources added that “the Syrian state is still and will continue to work on the needs and its citizens of a loaf of bread and in a subsidized form, despite all the obstacles that the US occupation and its agents are making in the northern east of Syria”.

The Syrian President Bashar al Assad issued a decree law No. 11 of April 22, 019AD, to create a public institution of an economic nature called the General Organization for Trade, Storing and Manufacturing of grains for “Syrian Grains” with legal personality and financial and administrative independence based in Al Hasakeh.