News of Egypt acquiring one of the most powerful Russian Tank

With the absence of official information, photos published on social media in Egypt revealed the moment the Egyptian and Russian sides signed a contract to manufacture 400-500 of one of the most powerful Russian Tank “T-90MS” for the Egyptian army.

In the photos, the Egyptian Minister of Military Production appeared during his receipt of a model photographer for the tank from Alexander Potapov, director of the Russian “Uralvagonzavod” factory, where the contract includes the transfer of technology for joint production locally, and it is expected that the T-90MS tanks will give the Egyptian military manufacturing base, more experience gained in Field of tanks and shields.

Egypt will operate the upgraded Russian tank alongside the main American M1 Abrams, in order to replace the old Soviet tanks that will be out of service now from the T-55 and T-62.

The T-90 tank “Vladimir” is the main Russian fighting tank. 

The tank was named after its designer, Vladimir Ivanovich Potkin.

In the period from 2001 to 2010, this tank became the best-selling in the world, with the purchase price of “T-90” under delivery contracts for the Russian armed forces reached 70 million rubles, and after only one year the price became 118 million rubles, equivalent to about 4 million dollars.

The “T-90” tank entered service in the Russian forces in late 1992, an amendment of the Soviet “T-72” tank, as the design of “Vladimir” began in 1989 under the leadership of the Soviet engineer Vladimir Ivanovich Putkin.

The tank weighs 46.5 tons, is fitted with a 125 mm cannon, and has a 12-cylinder diesel engine of 1000 hp (for an optional V-96).

Among the tank’s most important weapons are a 125 mm machine gun capable of firing super-explosive and hollow remote-controlled missiles remotely, and guided missiles from the Reflex and Cobra anti-tank and all-armor types and helicopters.

As for the tank fire control system, its specifications exceed all foreign counterparts, as the tank speed or target, air temperature, wind speed, air pressure, angle of inclination of the cannon and other factors are calculated before launch, which allows the destruction of any target with one shot.

It is noteworthy that the Russian media confirmed that Egypt wants to obtain promising Russian “Armata” tanks, after Russia announced its willingness to export it.

However, there is no official information from the Russian or Egyptian sides about signing the deal.