French website reveals the support provided by the UAE to Syria

The French site “Aurian 21” revealed in a new report the details of the support provided by the United Arab Emirates to Syria, at the military and intelligence levels.

The site based its information on an investigation conducted by the French “Justice and Freedom Committee”, and stated that the UAE sent eight of its officers to Syria, to advise officers in the Syrian army.

In the same context, the report indicated that five of the Syrian pilots traveled to the Emirati city of Al Ain, west of Abu Dhabi, and enrolled in Khalifa bin Zayed College to improve their skills.

The UAE also provides training for Syrian security personnel, and the training is supervised by institutions spread across the Emirates, and the course lasts from two to 12 months, depending on the content.

According to the French website, to date 31 non-commissioned officers and 8 computer engineers have been trained in information systems and digital security, and the site pointed out that four officers from the Syrian army supervise the trainees.

According to the French website, after the reopening of its embassy in Damascus, the UAE funded the reconstruction of energy plants, public buildings and water networks in Damascus, and also provided medical and nutritional assistance to Syrian hospitals.

With the start of the application of the “Caesar” Act to besiege Syria, last week, the US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, stated that the UAE may be subject to penalties under the “Caesar” Act if it continues its efforts to normalize relations with Damascus, and he clarified that any company or person, whether he is an Emirati or otherwise, it will be the target of sanctions if conditions apply to it with regard to economic activities with the Syrian government.