Donald Trump continues his attack on Bolton, calling him “fool” and an American judge refuses to block the publication of a book by President Trump’s niece revealing the secrets of her family

US President Donald Trump has described his former National Security Adviser John Bolton as a “fool”.

This came in an interview on Fox News, Thursday, when he touched on the issue of the controversial book, which Bolton had released about his work in the White House, criticizing Trump.

“When running the country, you can make the wrong choices, like appointing a fool like Bolton,” Trump said.

The US president added that Bolton “did not do his job well, and he was not smart”.

He considered that all Bolton wants “is to bomb people”.

Trump added: “I think he’s the only man I’ve ever met with my life, and I haven’t seen him smiling… and I asked him: Don’t you smile at all, John? 

This explains a lot about the nature of anyone”.

Trump noted that Bolton’s foreign policy was not right.

He continued: “Bolton was a sick person, there are things that are not going well, and I did not notice it early”.

Bolton wrote his memoir, “I Was in the Room and It Happened,” criticizing Trump, and carrying charges that some saw as “very harmful” to the president.

In another context, a New York judge refused on Thursday to prevent the publication of a book by Donald Trump’s niece describing him as “the most dangerous man in the world”, but “sheds light on the dark history” of the US President’s family, the publishing house said.

Mary Trump’s book is scheduled to be released at the end of July, just three months before her uncle ran for a second term.

President Robert Trump’s brother this week asked a court in Queens in New York to prevent the publication of the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World”.

Robert Trump accused Mary of violating a secret agreement she signed in 2001 after the same court settled a property ownership dispute for Donald Trump’s father, Donald Robert and Robert Jr., who died in 1981.

In her 240-page book, Mary, 55, recounts the “poisoned family” atmosphere as seen in her grandparents’ home, according to publisher Simon and Schuster. The publisher said Mary describes “traumatic shocks and relationships, a tragic mixture of neglect and abuse”.

He added that Mary Trump, the psychiatrist, is “the only one from the Trump family ready to tell the truth about one of the most powerful and troubled families in the world”.

The Daily Beast reported earlier this month that the book would reveal that Mary Trump was the source of reports published by The New York Times about President Trump’s finances and paid few taxes on him for decades.

Last week Trump spoke about an agreement with Mary Trump that prevents her from revealing the family’s secrets”.

She is not authorized to publish a book,” he said”.

When we reached a settlement with her and her brother… she… signed an agreement not to disclose”.

But a judge in the Queens Court said his court had no jurisdiction to issue a court order barring the publication of the book.

Mary Trump’s lawyer, Ted Peter, said in a statement that he hoped this decision would be the ultimate in this case. 

He said, “Democracy thrives on the free exchange of ideas.

Neither this court nor any other court has the authority to violate the constitution”.