Trump: American forces will likely “be moved” from Germany to Poland because Berlin “lags” in paying its contributions to NATO and “deals badly” with the United States in the commercial field

During his meeting with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, at the White House, US President Donald Trump announced that it will “probably” transfer American forces from Germany to Poland, without giving detailed numbers.

Trump told reporters that the Poles “asked us if we were going to send additional soldiers… we will probably will move the soldiers from Germany to Poland”.

“We will reduce many of our forces in Germany. 

Some will return home; others will go elsewhere.

But Poland will be one of those other places in Europe”.

For his part, Duda said that he “asked President Trump not to withdraw US forces from Europe”, in order to maintain the security of the continent.

Trump had announced earlier that he had decided to cut the number of US forces in Germany by half because Berlin was “lagging behind” in paying its contributions to NATO and dealing “badly” with the United States in the commercial field.

Poland, with a population of 38 million on the eastern front of NATO, has long sought to permanently station US forces on its soil to stave off any Russian military adventure.

The Polish president sought to win over the US president, all the way to the idea of ​​establishing a military base called “Fort Trump” (Trump Castle), in which thousands of US soldiers are stationed.

Poland has long considered the United States its first security guarantees within the Atlantic that Warsaw joined in 1999, a decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union.