The unveiling of a project is located near a secret Revolutionary Guard facility in Iran to produce aluminum powder for missiles

Reuters reported in a special report that an aluminum production complex whose powder is used in missile production is located near a secret Revolutionary Guard facility.

The report pointed out that the site is close to the city of Jajarm, which includes a secret facility set up by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that produces aluminum powder for use in its missile program.

Aluminum powder is extracted from bauxite, and it is a major component in the manufacture of solid propellant methods for launching missiles.

“Iran started producing the powder for military use more than 5 years ago,” said a former Iranian official, who drew some of his information from it, noting that “he visited the facility twice, and that production was continuous when he left Iran in 2018”.

Reuters viewed more than 10 documents related to the aluminum powder project, and one of these documents was a letter addressed to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards, and the Iranian state described his brother as “the father of the Iranian missile program”.

In the letter, Muhammad Tahrani described the Jajarm facility as a “project to produce missile fuel from metallic powder,” and he said that it “plays a great role in improving the country’s capacity for self-sufficiency in producing solid fuel for missiles”.

For his part, said spokesman of the Iranian mission to the United Nations in New York, Ali Reza Mir Yousfi: “We have no information about these allegations, nor about the authenticity of the documents”.

He added: “We reaffirm that Iran has no intention of producing warheads or nuclear missiles”.