Israeli media: Kuwait is the only Gulf government to reject normalization

Israeli media outlets announce that some Gulf states establish secret commercial, diplomatic and diplomatic relations with Israel, and reveal that voices opposing normalization in the Gulf countries are beginning to worry some Gulf governments.

Israeli media said that the Gulf states support “on paper” the right of the Palestinians to determine their fate, but some of them establish secret commercial, diplomatic and security relations with Israel.

The Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” described opposition to normalization in the Gulf states as a “very dangerous conspiracy act,” and indicated that voices opposing normalization in the Gulf states began to worry some Gulf governments.

Haaretz added that “the Kuwaiti government is the only Gulf government that still rejects normalization, while there are no anti-normalization movements in the UAE”.

The correspondent for Arab affairs in the Israeli “Channel 13”, Hezi Simantov, said that the Israeli Minister of Intelligence Affairs Eli Cohen chose “Elaf” as a platform for him and another proof of the behavior of some Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, including its path towards public normalization with Israel.

Simantov indicated that the Minister of Intelligence Affairs gave an interview to a Saudi newspaper, and called on the Gulf countries to strengthen cooperation with Israel, noting that “it can be said that it is an exceptional interview”.

The Israeli channel correspondent considered that conducting the interview with the Saudi newspaper, “Elaf” itself, “is an important matter, as is the timing”.

The transfer of relations between Israel and some Arab countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel from the scenes to the public, in the opinion of Israeli analysts, is a clear indication that the normalization train between Israel and these countries is moving quickly, which is what finds its expression in not feeling a lot of One of the Arab officials is embarrassed to appear in the Israeli media.

According to these analysts, the article, which was described as “historical” in the “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper by Emirati Ambassador Youssef Al Otaiba, in Washington was “only a reflection of the extent of the development of those relations”.

UAE Ambassador to the United States Youssef Al Otaiba wrote an article in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in which he indicated that it was from his country’s initiative towards Israel that we “classified Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and denounced the incitement of Hamas,” and saw that “there is a huge potential in more relations Heat between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv”.

Al Otaiba added that we and Israel face more common risks than necessary.

In his clarification of the goals that prompted him to publish an article for him in the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Ahronot”, about his country’s position on the annexation process that the Israeli occupation is implementing. 

Al Otaiba said he believed it was “correct to speak directly with the public in Israel”.

Israeli Channel 13 commented on the article published by the Emirati ambassador to Washington, and said that it has dramatic importance for many reasons, including that“ there are no diplomatic relations between Israel and the Emirates, ”while Al Otaiba briefed the White House on the content of this article before it was published.