Huge explosion in an oil field that includes a base for the US Army in the countryside of al Hasakeh north east of Syria

In al Hasakeh Governorate reported that there were powerful and consecutive explosions in ammunition and weapons depots belonging to the fighters of the US army and SDF in the oil field of Rumailan, northeast of al Hasakeh.

The explosions took place in what was previously called the “Chinese Hangar” within the administrative building of the al Hasakeh Oilfields Directorate, controlled by the SDF forces and the US army.

The reporter added that ambulances entered the site extensively, which may indicate deaths and wounded caused by the explosion, with the “Asayish” armed men, the security arm of the “SDF”, surrounding the area and preventing entry and exit from it.

A media Report from the area quoted eyewitnesses that the site had turned by the SDF into a military manufacturing facility and ammunition and weapons depots located in the western side of the town and a few kilometers from a US military base.

Witnesses said that “the explosion may have been caused by a human error within the site or as a result of an unidentified droning aircraft targeting the aforementioned site”.

The oil fields in the town of Rumailan are among the most important oil and gas fields in Syria in al Hasakeh where is also the oil Fields Directorate is located.