Coronavirus United States: new 425 Deaths in 24 Hours… a Trump Campaign Personnel infected after Participating in Electoral Rally

On Monday evening, the United States recorded 425 additional deaths caused by Covid-19 within 24 hours, exceeding the total death toll of the victims of the pandemic in this country 120 thousand deaths, according to data published by Johns University Hopkins.

Data published at 20:30 (Tuesday 30:00 GMT), the university that is a reference in tracking new infections and deaths caused by the Coronavirus, showed that the total number of pandemic victims exceeded 120 thousand out of 2.31 million infected (640 thousand of them were declared recovered).

The United States is, and is vastly different from other countries of the world, the country most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, both in terms of injuries and deaths.

On Sunday evening, the United States recorded 305 Covid-19 deaths within 24 hours, at the lowest daily death toll for months, but this decline does not necessarily mean that the epidemic is receding because the decrease in deaths is usually due to the mechanism of Johns Hopkins obtaining data from Local health authorities that are not usually complete at the end of the week or on the first working day of the new week.

After they were the primary focus of Covid-19 in the United States, New York and New Jersey managed to control the epidemic, which moved northeast, west and south and is spreading rapidly in about 20 US states, notably Florida.

Two employees of US President Donald Trump’s campaign, who had participated in an election rally for the president earlier this week, contracted Covid-19 disease – a spokesperson for the campaign said on Monday.

The spokesman, Tim Mortwag, said that the cases were discovered after “another wave of tests”, and the two employees participated in the gathering in Tusla, Oklahoma, “but they wore protective masks during the entire event”.

Mortwag made no mention of whether the two employees mingled with the president or other White House officials.

This comes after six Trump campaigners were infected with the Coronavirus before the gathering, and Mortwag said at the time that no individuals with the virus or their mixers would be allowed to participate in the event.

Trump’s first electoral rally in several months has been criticized by public health experts across the country.

Despite the high number of Covid-19 infections in Oklahoma, the campaign expected the Tulsa Square, with 19,200 seats, to be full, only 6,200 people attended the event, according to local reports.

On Monday, Trump praised the 7.7 million viewers who watched the event on Fox News, describing it as a “great achievement”.