Robert Ford: Caesar’s Act won’t affect Assad

In an article published by the Middle East Institute, the former US ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford, ruled that the “Caesar Act” won’t affect Syrian President Bashar al Assad, indicating that the US administration hopes to force Damascus to take a series of political steps, including The release of political prisoners and the launching of an accountability process for the violations committed.

On the other hand, Ford expected the coming months to be difficult economically for Lebanon and Syria, at a time when the two liters are suffering against the dollar.

Ford, who was the last American ambassador to Syria, said that the pressure on the Syrian economy, which is suffering under great suffering, is “increasing”, pointing out that small commercial enterprises face difficulties in continuing their activities and that investments are declining in the country, with prices soaring.

Despite the economic problems enumerated by Ford, he ruled out that the Syrian government would submit to the demands of “Caesar Act”, writing: “The Assad government won’t comply with the demands contained in the “Caesar Act” sanctions, so what about its collapse?”

In an analytical article published by the Middle East Institute, Ford explained his idea, excluding the “recognition of Russia and Iran in defeat against the Americans and reluctance to support their ally, President Bashar al Assad”.

Ford added that the Syrian government will continue to receive international humanitarian assistance.