IDF: We entered a second wave of Coronavirus that could kill hundreds

An Israeli army commission charged with collecting information on the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus confirmed that Israel has entered a second wave of the epidemic, a large number of people may die.

In his new report, the Military Intelligence and Information Center for Combating Coronavirus of the Military Intelligence Division stressed the need to take urgent steps to reduce the spread of infection, warning that failure to achieve this goal threatens that the outcome of almost daily injuries will exceed after about a month the threshold of a thousand, with the death of hundreds of patients.

The report pointed out that the second wave differs from the first, but it is no less dangerous, stressing that the rate of new infections in Coronavirus in the country has witnessed a continuous rise during the past few weeks, against the background of the authorities relaxing restrictions imposed to deter the spread of the epidemic.

The report warned that Israel would face the need to re-impose comprehensive closures after about a month, unless urgent steps were taken within the next few days.

And the Israeli health authorities announced this morning that it recorded 268 cases of Coronavirus in the past 24 hours, compared to 349 cases on Friday, and the number of active cases in the country became 4449, while the death toll from the epidemic reached 305.

It is scheduled to hold the Israeli National Security Council this evening, an emergency session with the participation of general managers of the relevant ministries to discuss the high frequency of coronary virus outbreaks in the country.