Trump did not know that Britain is a nuclear power!!

The leakage of the upcoming book of John Bolton, former National Security Adviser to US President Donald Trump.

Bolton said that Trump did not know that the United Kingdom was a nuclear power.

According to what Bolton mentioned in a book to be released next week, Trump made a remark about this in a meeting with former British Prime Minister Theresa May two years ago.

Bolton, who has worked for 17 months at the White House, said that Trump was “surprisingly unfamiliar”.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rapp declined to comment on the matter.

The Trump administration is trying to block the publication of Bolton’s 577-page book, “The Event Room”.

Trump described the book in one of his tweets as “made up of lies and fabricated stories”.

The UK’s nuclear arsenal was mentioned during a Trump meeting with May 2018, when a British official raised the matter.

According to the book of the former adviser, Trump said: “Are you a nuclear power?”, And Bolton said he was confident the question was serious.

Bolton had left the White House in September 2019, giving up his duties as a national security adviser, while Trump said he had sacked Bolton because of intense differences between them.

Nine countries currently possess nuclear weapons: the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

Is it known that, The United Kingdom developed its nuclear weapons and tested them in the early 1950s, at a time when the United States did not disclose the nuclear technology to its ally.

Nuclear bombs were initially transported on Royal Air Force planes, but the government later purchased the Polaris missile system carried by submarines from the United States, and became the mainstay of the defense system during the Cold War.

The current Trident submarine system was launched in the 1990s, after former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to replace the Polaris system in 1980.

The “Trident” system acquired its name from the Trident missiles, which are undergoing maintenance in an American port. Some elements of the warhead are also manufactured in the United States.

Successive British governments have confirmed the independence of the “Trident” system, saying that its launch does not need permission, satellite assistance or the use of American equipment.

But critics say the UK is technically dependent on the United States, stripping its “Trident” system of its independence.

When Secretary of State Rapper was asked about Bolton’s comments, he told the BBC that he did not wish to enter into the ongoing debate between Trump and Bolton, as well as that he “had no answer”.