The Trump administration filed a lawsuit to prevent the publication of a book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton

The administration of President Donald Trump on Tuesday filed a lawsuit to prevent former National Security Adviser John Bolton from publishing a book in which he is expected to paint a very grim picture of the Republican president and how he is governed.

The lawsuit filed in a federal court in Washington requires that the book be banned on the grounds that Bolton has not obtained approval of the entire text, which makes his author “in clear violation of the agreements he signed as a condition of his employment and access to highly classified information”.

Bolton’s book, “The Room Wear It Happend: White House Memoir” (the place where that happened: White House notes) is scheduled to be published on June 23.

Bolton served as the controversial and hard-line politician as Trump’s national security adviser before he resigned last September after disputes with the president, especially over North Korea and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

After the resignation, the relationship between Trump and Bolton turned into open hostility, and observers expect Bolton’s book to include sensitive information about the administration of the US president.

“Simon & Schuster” publishes the book with “This is the book that Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read”.

In his book, Bolton documents what he considers to be irregularities requiring the sacking of Trump and goes beyond the pressure on Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival Joe Biden and led to his indictment by Democrats and his trial in Congress.

The Trump administration considers that Bolton has violated the basic rules of confidentiality by refusing to wait for the text to be approved by the National Security Council.

According to the case file, the National Security Council found “a large amount of classified information confidential that the defendant was asked to delete”, but the latter “apparently resented the pace of the National Security Council’s review” of the text.

The file also stated that the defendant “without giving any notice to the Security Council, press reports revealed that he and the publishing house intend to publish the book on June 23, without completing the pre-publication review process”.

“The defendant simply entered into an agreement with the United States as a condition of assuming one of the most sensitive and important posts on the National Security Council of the US government, and he now wants to evade this agreement,” the file added.