Swedish Institute: Israel increases its nuclear arsenal and maintains 90 nuclear warheads

The International Institute for Peace Studies in Sweden indicated that Israel has increased its nuclear arsenal during the current year and that it currently maintains 90 nuclear warheads.

According to what the website of the “Israeli Broadcasting Corporation” published, citing a report of the International Institute for Peace Studies in Sweden, Israel kept several nuclear warheads, and even increased its number at the beginning of this year to reach 90.

The report pointed out that before that Israel had between 80 and 90 nuclear warheads.

The institute pointed out that the world is witnessing an opposite trend, as the number of warheads that were in the possession of the nine nuclear states fell last year 465, bringing the total number to 13,400.

Other foreign sources had commanded reported that Israel possesses about 200 of these nuclear warheads.

It is reported that Israel has not formally commented on such news, and that the official comment says that it will not be the first country in the Middle East to officially announce that it has nuclear weapons.

At the beginning of the year, Israel had conducted a new test of the “Jericho 3” ICBM, as part of a series of tests conducted by the Israeli army, including various types of missiles.

The American site “Army Recognition” said that the Israeli army conducted a ballistic missile test on January 31 last year, noting that it was the second test of this type of missile in two months.

The American website said: “Although the name of the missile was not officially disclosed from Israel, it is believed that this was done during military training that included a type of” surface-to-surface “ballistic missile, from the” Jericho “category, capable of carrying Nuclear warheads”.