Germany equals Syrians loyal to Assad and the perpetrators of crimes on its soil in terms of deportation in the second half of this year

The interior ministers of the German states are preparing for the meeting next Wednesday and for three consecutive days to discuss what is called in Germany “assessing the security situation in Syria”, in the presence of the Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, the Minister of the Interior of Bavaria Among the fundamental rights guaranteed by the German constitution.

Meinungsfreiheit, said in statements made yesterday to German media that they are studying new steps related to reactivating the deportation of Syrians whose asylum requests were rejected, as well as those obtaining asylum approval who have committed crimes in Germany, and added that this would include all Syrians who support the president Syrian Bashar Al Assad is on the table on Wednesday.

He stopped deporting the Syrians, according to the minister, who were unable to obtain approval for asylum, which had been suspended due to the Corona pandemic and the suspension of flights at German airports.

It is noteworthy that the German government previously allowed Syrians who support the Syrian president to express and announce their political opinion, and even to organize pro-government demonstrations that are authorized by the law.

In these cases, its members were subject to trials in Germany.