Coronavirus around the world: Deaths in the United States surpassed the number of Americans killed in World War One, with India records a historic number of two thousand deaths and a dangerous rise in deaths in South America and China

The United States recorded Wednesday evening more than 700 new deaths caused by the new Coronavirus, bringing the total number of victims of the Covid-19 epidemic in this country to 116,850 people, more than the number of American soldiers who killed During the First World War.

Data published at 20:30 local time (Wednesday 30:30 GMT), “Johns Hopkins University” which is a reference in tracking infections and deaths caused by the virus, showed that the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States within 24 hours claimed the lives of 740 people to rise This brings the total toll from the deadly virus in this country to more than 116,850 deaths.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the number of US soldiers killed during World War I is approximately 116,500.

The number of victims of the pandemic in the United States at the end of April exceeded the number of American soldiers killed in the two-decade Vietnam War.

The daily death toll from the newly born coronavirus in the United States crossed the 500-point threshold at the end of March and peaked in mid-April, when it exceeded 3,000 daily.

However, the United States still records more than 20 thousand new infections a day every day, and it finds it difficult to reduce this number.

The United States is vastly different from the rest of the world, the country most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In terms of cases that exceeded 2,13 million overnight, or at the level of deaths, many other countries are more affected than it in terms of mortality for the population.

The United States recorded Monday evening, for the second day in a row, less than 400 deaths caused by the Coronavirus, in a decline that was shown to be caused not by the epidemic recession as much as the mechanism of “Johns Hopkins” obtaining data from local health authorities, which are not in The habit is completed during the weekend or on the first business day after it ends.

The death toll from the emerging Coronavirus in India rose by nearly two thousand in one day, bringing the total to 11,903 deaths in this giant country in South Asia, according to new official figures announced Wednesday.

This rise is partly due to a review of figures in Bombay, the city worst affected by the epidemic, with 832 deaths added to the daily toll due to “gaps” in the census.

For its part, the capital, New Delhi, where the health situation deteriorates, recorded 400 deaths in 24 hours.

The official death toll in India on Tuesday was 9900.

This census is less than reality, but it is still far from the major human toll recorded in Europe or the United States.

In the same context, deaths from the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection in Ecuador continued within the last 24 hours, to 3970, while in Colombia, there were 1,801 cases.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health of Ecuador, on Tuesday evening, 41 deaths were recorded within 24 hours, bringing the total deaths to 3,970 cases.

Also, 621 new cases were recorded, bringing the total to 47,923 cases.

In Colombia, many media outlets reported that the last 24 hours saw the death of 75 people affected by the virus; Bringing the total deaths to 1801.

In China, Beijing airports canceled more than 1,200 flights and schools in the Chinese capital were closed again on Wednesday, as authorities rushed to contain a new focus of the emerging coronavirus associated with the wholesale market.

The city authorities announced 31 cases on Wednesday, while population officials urged not to leave Beijing amid fears of a second wave of infections in China, which has largely managed to control the epidemic.

The authorities are conducting large-scale examinations of tens of thousands of people linked to the new outpost, which is considered to be the foodstuff wholesale market, while placing about 30 housing complexes in quarantine.

At least 1,255 flights were canceled on Wednesday, according to the Chinese newspaper, the People, or about 70% of all flights to and from the capital’s airports.

The new spread of the epidemic forced the authorities to impose a travel ban on residents of “areas where the risks are moderate to high” while asking other residents to carry out tests to detect the virus so that they can leave the capital.

Meanwhile, several provinces are imposing quarantine on arrivals from Beijing, while schools have ordered them to close again and return to education via the Internet.