A new report by the German Foreign Ministry on the situation in Syria and the possibility of returning Syrians to it

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed that there is no region in Syria that is safe for returnees, according to a secret report of the Foreign Ministry submitted to the conference of local ministers of the states in Germany, scheduled to decide this week to extend the moratorium on deportation for Syrians when it is held in Erfurt.

It is worth noting that the German news agency DPA obtained a copy of this report.

According to the United Nations, diplomats at the German Foreign Ministry wrote: “According to the United Nations, there continues to be severe violations of human rights and international law in all parts of Syria, and there is as yet no part of the country comprehensive long-term protection from arbitrary arrest and repression of The hands of many security services, militias, and other institutions close to the regime”.

In its report, the ministry added that this also applies to parts of the country in the west, as well as to the Syrian capital, Damascus, where people close to the regime of Bashar Al Assad usually live.

“Even people who are considered close to the regime can, in principle, become victims of repression because of the arbitrariness of the state that exists everywhere,” the report said.