SDF stick to the Syrian pound

Aldar Khalil, member of the Head council of the Democratic Union Party, told the Kurdish satellite channel “Runahi” that the areas of “self-administration” control are dealing with the Syrian currency, declaring their adherence to the local currency, as you do not intend to change it after the application of the “Caesar” Act, as this The decision is political, not on its agenda.

According to Khalil, the SDF of the SDF has been offered several options, including trading the Turkish lira, the Iraqi dinar, or the US dollar, and even issuing a new currency, but she has refused, due to the administration’s failure to seek separation from Syria.

According to his claim, any change requires political decisions.

The official in the same party indicates that the areas of control of the Syrian government, Russia and Iran will not be affected alone by the sanctions imposed by “Caesar”, but all the Syrian regions will be affected economically as they are interrelated and cannot be separated in this context, according to what was stated in the statements of “Khalil”.

Meanwhile, he concluded his discussion of solutions to overcome the economic crisis, which he believes lies in the cooperation of self-management with citizens and the activation of small economic projects to ensure self-sufficiency, according to the Kurdish satellite channel, citing “Aldar Khalil,” a member of the presidential body of the “Democratic Union Party”.

On the other hand, William Robak, the American envoy to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, has previously said that what is related to the penal law within the framework of Caesar Act will exclude the areas of self-administration and there will be joint work and coordination within the framework of American support programs.

The Kurdish self-administration called on the international community not to be included in the economic sanctions after the activation of the “Caesar” Act, considering that the effect of the law will be on all Syrian regions, including the areas under its control.

And the “self-administration” said that the sanctions “will create negative consequences and major problems for our regions, especially in light of our regions becoming an important point for combating terrorism and ISIS.”