France folds the page of Coronavirus as Macron declares control of the epidemic

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that his country will open its internal borders with European Union countries from Monday, and that external borders will be opened on July 1.

Macron said, in a televised speech broadcast on official television today, Sunday: “From tomorrow, the borders between the European Union countries will be opened, while the external borders of the European Union will open from the first of next July”.

The French President added that it was decided to “reopen all restaurants and cafes in Paris and its environs, starting tomorrow, Monday,” noting that “all regions in France are in the green circle (where the epidemic was controlled) except for the islands of Guyana and Mayotte”.

Macron announced that “all students will return to schools and nurseries compulsorily from June 22,” noting that “he will once again address a word to the people in July to determine the next path”.

The number of people infected with the emerging Coronavirus, which has turned into a global pandemic, exceeded 7.7 million, including more than 430,000 deaths, while the beginning of the virus appeared in China at the end of last December.