Despite declining of Trump popularity, Iran’s foreign minister expects him to win a second term

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said Saturday, June 13, 2020, that US President Donald Trump still has a good opportunity to be re-elected thanks to his strong support base, despite his declining support in recent months, due to the protests that invaded most of the United States After the murder of George Floyd, an African American, by a white policeman, and criticism of his policies regarding racial discrimination.

Zarif, in an interview on Instagram with Iranian journalist Farid Madrasi, which represents the first interview of its kind with a senior official in the Islamic Republic, stated that “the biggest mistake in humanities is prediction, especially in unstable and dangerous conditions, but let me expect that Chances of re-election of Mr. Trump are still more than 50%.

A rule that does not move: Zarif believes, according to what he said in this direct interview, that “Mr. Trump has a rule between 30 and 35% that has not moved, and since this rule has not moved, there is still an opportunity to be re-elected”.

A senior Iranian official also acknowledged that Trump’s opportunity “has declined dangerously compared to what was four to five months ago”.

Reverse polls: Zarif’s statements are not entirely consistent with a number of reports and polls conducted by a group of American media, in addition to international news agencies, all of which confirmed that the popularity of the White House resident has declined significantly, and served the interest of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

polls conducted this week found that Biden’s lead over Trump among voters registered is ten percentage points, the largest margin recorded since Biden became the presumed Democratic nominee candidate in early April.

The poll showed that 47% of registered voters intend to support Biden in the presidential election, while 37% expressed their preference for Trump.

A Reuters / Ipsos survey on online protests and in the US language was conducted in the United States with the participation of 1,004 adult Americans.

Its margin of error is four percentage points, up or down.

Reuters / Ipsos conducted another poll on the US presidential election with the participation of 1113 adult Americans, with a margin of error of three percentage points, up or down.

It is worth noting, that another poll conducted by Reuters / Ipsos, Tuesday, confirmed that most Americans sympathize with the protests prevailing in the country in anger at the death of a black man, after a policeman perched with his knee on his neck, and they reject President Donald Trump’s reaction to the unrest.

The poll found that 64% of American adults “sympathize with those who are protesting at the moment” while 27% of them said they do not feel sympathy for the protesters, and nine% said they are not sure.

The agreement between Tehran and Washington? Relations between Iran and the United States have taken a turn for the worse since Trump last year withdrew Washington from the nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions that paralyzed Tehran’s economy.

Iran responded by gradually reducing its obligations under this agreement.

Trump said this month that Iranian leaders would be wrong if they expected to defeat him in the November elections.

In a tweet on “Twitter” in which he directed his speech to Iran, Trump said, “Do not wait for the US elections to conclude a grand bargain.

I’m going to win and you’ll make a better deal now!”

While the Iranian Foreign Ministry replied that Iran would not base its policies on US internal affairs such as the elections.

Zarif, in this interview, said that Trump himself probably reached a conclusion that the policies of “extreme pressure” against Iran had been unsuccessful.

And he added, “I don’t think Trump still believes that the Islamic Republic is about to collapse, but he continues to repeat his mistakes.

They (US officials) seem to know they made mistakes, but they don’t know how to correct them”.