Syrian opposition interim government is heading to use the Turkish currency instead of the Syrian pound

“The Syrian interim government started pricing some basic materials in Turkish lira and the US dollar, after the significant deterioration in the value of the Syrian lira, which has decreased in frequency during the past weeks,” the official Turkish Anadolu News Agency said.

The Syrian pound decreased to record levels against the dollar during the past few weeks, and its price during the past two days has stabilized at 2,500 pounds per dollar, compared to 990-1000 pounds against the dollar at the end of last year.

In statements to Anadolu, the head of the Syrian interim government, Abdul Rahman Mustafa, stated that to maintain the purchasing power of workers and employees in the liberated areas, it is necessary to pump small coins of the Turkish lira.

Mustafa said, on Thursday, that the current time “is necessary for pricing materials other than the Syrian pound,” noting that “the pricing of basic materials such as bread, oil derivatives and others has already begun in Turkish lira, as other materials are priced in dollars”.

He added: “Some private establishments have started paying workers’ wages in Turkish lira, and most of the employees in the liberated areas are paid their salaries in Turkish lira or dollars… This has led to the region’s economic stability and limiting the consequences of the system”.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy studies in the Syrian opposition interim government, the price index periodically every two months, and the list includes 74 goods and services of all kinds… “Prices in the Syrian pound rose by 43 percent last April, while the index was fixed in the Turkish lira and the US dollar”.