Russian President envoy in Damascus: Russia will not leave Syria alone in these difficult times

Russian Ambassador and Special Envoy to President Putin in Damascus Alexander Yevimov emphasized that the advocates of the sanctions policy consider themselves “pragmatic”, and they are in fact not only “naive” owners.

It also withstood long years of the war on terror, and “it is therefore impossible to destroy Russia and Syria with economic terrorism, and these attempts will fail just as attempts to impose foreign will on Syria by force of arms have failed”.

In a video speech to him on the occasion of the National Day of the Federal Republic of Russia, Yevimov considered that the countries that consider themselves a model of humanity and morals have given deaf permission to call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to reduce the sanctions in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and even rushed to announce the extension of it as well, which will increase From this pressure in the future, indicating that Russia did not succeed in curbing the infection quickly and in an effective manner only, but also provided assistance to other countries in combating the epidemic and extended a hand of assistance to Syria by providing important medical supplies to the Ministry of Health.

Yefimov stressed that Russia will not leave Syria in these difficult days, and said: “During five years of our struggle against the common enemy, we were able to reach the highest levels of trust and understanding between us, and thanks to united efforts we achieved a lot during this period”.

Considering that the last year was not an exception from That, as the legitimate Syrian government succeeded in liberating more of the homeland, and the political process was transformed into an application stage with the launch of the work of the “Constitutional Committee”, and it continued to rebuild the infrastructure, as tens of thousands of “refugees and displaced persons” returned to their homes, again the emphasis His country’s intention is to continue cooperating with Syria actively to complete the treatment of all the mentioned issues.

Yefimov pointed out that the Syrian-Russian relations received additional momentum during the historic visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Damascus on January 7, and emphasized the keenness of the two countries to continue close cooperation in all fields, and sent a clear message to all enemies, that Moscow intends Not to abandon its principled approach in order to support the Syrian people.

The Russian ambassador in Damascus considered that the opening of the Russian language courses in the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus was an important milestone after his activities had ceased since 2015, stressing that this is only the first step on the way to re-establishing the “Russian human presence in Syria”, where it is planned the official launching ceremony of the center and the resumption of its full-scale activities took place in the near future.

Regarding the work to promote Russian culture in Syria, the Russian ambassador thanked the citizens, especially the Russian citizens, and said: “I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our citizens, especially ours, in this year you emphasized once again that the difficulties do not frighten the Russian people but rather encourage them to achieve New ones, we were able to quickly adapt to the new circumstances related to the procedures against the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and succeeded in commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War via the Internet, including participation in the activities of the All Russia “Immortal Regiment” and “St. George’s Tape”, “Congratulations to the old warrior”.

Yefimov concluded his speech by saying: “The events that happen daily in the world and in Syria in particular prove that Russia and its allies are on the right side of history, but it is not permissible to be reassured and stand idly by, but on the contrary we must act with more focus and responsibility, and this is not Easy, but I am sure we will succeed”.