Russian Foreign Intelligence responds to the expulsion of the Russian diplomats from its territory, and considers it a “despicable provocation”

Sergey Nareshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, declared that the decision to expel Russian diplomats is a “vile provocation” by the Czech authorities, and the response will come from Russia.

“There will be retaliatory measures,” Nareshkin told reporters.

But in general of course this is a very despicable and despicable provocation by the Czech authorities”.

On Friday, Czech Prime Minister Andrei Papich, quoting intelligence agencies, reported that the Czech government decided to expel Russian diplomats from the country, which is linked to an alleged story of the transfer of poison ricin to the Czech Republic by a Russian diplomat. Also, the deputy head of the Russian cooperation “Ross Sutrodnichtstvo” company, Mikhail Prikhanov, told Russian news agency “Sputnik”, the expelled employees must leave the Czech Republic within 48 hours.

On April 27, Respekt weekly wrote, citing a source in the special services, that at the beginning of the month a man arrived in Prague with a Russian diplomatic passport and brought the toxic ricin in a bag.

According to the post, the man went to the Russian embassy.

Czech TV reported on May 10 that this man is the head of the representative office “Ross Sutrodniecstvo” in the Czech Republic, Andrei Konchakov.

Czech media claimed that because of this, three politicians from Prague related to renaming the square in front of the Russian embassy in honor of Boris Nemtsov and erecting a memorial to Vlasovitis and demolishing the Soviet memorial Marshall Ivan Konev, under police protection.