Libyan official close to Haftar asks for support from Israel

An official close to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Israel, called for the necessary support, according to an Israeli newspaper.

Abdel Salam Al Badri, Deputy Prime Minister in what is called the “pro-government” of Haftar, “They have not and will never be” enemies “of Tel Aviv.

This came in a dialogue of the first of its kind, with the newspaper “Macor Rishon”, which is affiliated with the Zionist movement in Israel, and published it on Wednesday evening.

The newspaper said that Al Badri, who lives in Benghazi, in the east of Libya, called on Israel to join “a new political initiative with the participation of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Lebanon”.

The Newspaper explained that “the initiative is to sign a joint maritime agreement, in the face of the agreement (delineation) of the water borders signed by Turkey with the Libyan government of reconciliation in Tripoli”.

Al Badri told the newspaper: “Throughout history we have been a refuge for all people of religions.

We have a long history of contact with Israel and the Jewish community”.

He added: “We want a new map that takes into account the interests of our country alongside the countries of the region”.

He continued, “Neither the Turks, nor the Russians who help us militarily, can manage us as a country according to their perception.

For us, it is the American companies that established our oil industry and we invite them to return”.

The official in the pro-Haftar government sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying: “We have never been and never will be enemies, and we hope that you will support us, the conditions that have prevented us so far”.

Al Badri added in his message to Netanyahu through the newspaper: “We support the two-state solution; at the same time, we have a common interest… We and you on the same side, it would be stupid for us to ignore that”.

It was not possible to confirm an independent source, which the newspaper attributed to Al Badri.

Libya is not officially associated with any relations with Israel.

On the contrary, there is an official and popular rejection of the Israeli normalization and occupation of Palestine.

In the recent period, the Libyan army inflicted heavy losses on the Haftar forces, expelling them from the capital and all the cities of the western coast, up to the border with Tunisia, and liberating the city of Tarhuna, then the city of Bani Walid (180 km southeast of Tripoli).