Large military build-up to the Syrian Army headed to “Jabal Al Zawiya” in Idlib

A group of armed militias in northern Syria issued a circular in which 6 villages in Jabal Al Zawiya, south of Idlib, were considered a military zone.

At the forefront of these fighting groups comes the faction of “Suqour Al-Sham” Falcons of the Levant, which controls the villages of “Kadora”, “Marzaf”, “Mintef”, “Bnin”, “Sarja” and “Ruyha”, which prevented the residents of those villages from staying in or entering them On the pretext that it has become a “military zone”.

These developments in the region coincide with the continued mobilization of Turkish forces near the city of Ariha and the strengthening of its positions near the M4 Highway, and its deployment of an “air defense” system on the strategic “Ayyub Ayyub” hill in Jabal Al Zawiya, according to opposition media sources.

The Al Sham Liberation Headquarters has also brought new reinforcements to the southern countryside of Idlib and the Al Ghab Plain, in addition to fortifying its sites near the lines of contact with the Syrian forces in those areas.

On the other hand, the Syrian army forces continued to bring their military build-up to the seam areas in “Jabal Al Zawiya” and “Talhia Axes” east of the town of Taftanaz, in preparation for any new military action that might happen in the area.