Biden: 20 million Americans pay the price of Trump’s “failure” in tackling the emerging Coronavirus crisis and its implications for the US economy

Joe Biden, former US Vice President, renewed his attack on US President Donald Trump, due to the implications of the emerging Coronavirus crisis, on the US economy.

Biden, the likely Democratic candidate for the upcoming US presidential election, believes that Trump has failed to heed expert warnings about the emerging Coronavirus, which causes “Covid-19”.

He wrote on Twitter, today, Saturday: “Donald Trump was warned, but he failed to respond,” adding: “Because of Trump’s failure, more than 20 million Americans have lost their jobs”.

He continued: “The Americans who lost their jobs paid the price for Trump’s disregard of the warnings,” adding: “Things would not have reached this point had it not been for Trump’s failure to respond to the warnings”.

Biden attached a video clip, which monitors statistics of the consequences of Coronavirus on the US economy and jobs, noting that one in seven Americans lost his job, while the unemployment rate among African Americans reached 35 percent despite speaking about justice and equality.

The number of people infected with the emerging Coronavirus, which has turned into a global epidemic, exceeded 6.7 million, including more than 395,000 deaths, while the beginning of the virus in China began at the end of last December.