Amid growing opposition and disputes as Israel is considering a “compromise” to annex parts of the West Bank without recognizing the Palestinian state

Israeli media have revealed that the Knesset and the government are studying the possibility of publicly expressing approval of the Trump plan and annexing parts of the West Bank without talking about establishing a Palestinian state.

A senior Likud party source close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out the implementation of the annexation plan if necessary in recognition of a Palestinian state.

On Saturday, the Israeli “Kan” channel reported that a “compromise” being studied requires that Netanyahu publicly show his commitment to US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, adding that the talk in the Knesset and the government is not about the establishment of a Palestinian state but rather the imposition of Israeli sovereignty.

These endeavors coincide with continued opposition among the heads of the Settlement Council to the Trump plan, as they continue their efforts to drum the ministers’ support for their opposition position.

On Friday evening, Rabin Square in Tel Aviv witnessed a demonstration against the annexation plan.

The organizers of the demonstration said that thousands of Arab and Jewish citizens will stand side by side and demand an end to the occupation in order to build a true democracy and a future of peace for the two peoples.