Washington: Obama’s mistake allowed Russia to consolidate its positions in Syria, the Middle East

US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Schenker said that the mistake of the administration of former US President Barack Obama allowed Russia to strengthen its positions in Syria and the Middle East.

He added in a video conference organized by the Washington Institute for the Middle East: “I think the Obama administration welcomed Russia’s entry into Syria, thinking it would put Moscow in a difficult situation, but Russia reversed the course of the war and allowed Syrian President Bashar Assad to stay there until now”.

He continued: “I see that a terrible mistake was made, which allowed Russia to establish a base in the region, and gave it the courage to take further steps in the region”.

On the situation in Libya, he said: “For 45 years, the removal of Russia from the Middle East has been the cornerstone of American policy”.

He stressed that Russia plays a “destructive role” in the Middle East, stressing that the United States remains committed to the need for Russia to leave the region.