Former Israeli general: The Syrian army is building itself at a rapid pace

A former Israeli general said that our military is unable to handle more than one front at a time.

The Israeli newspaper “Maariv”, Wednesday, quoted the General in the reserves, Gershon HaCohen, that the IDF cannot operate on more than one front at the same time, for several reasons, including reducing the number of the reserve forces in the army itself, reducing its number, as well as threats The other that his country faces in the current period, especially on the northern front.

The Israeli general criticized the IDF operational ability to fight on several fronts, claiming that it had become difficult to make decisions on political decision-makers, which is freedom of decision that requires the exploitation of opportunities and risk.

General Hacohen pointed out that the threat of the northern front restricts the strategic freedom of action of his country, and he will not be able to confront a new Palestinian uprising in conjunction with the presence of threats on other fronts, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah in the north, and the Syrian army that is rebuilding its strength very quickly, as well as Hamas in the south.