Trump presses the states to deploy troops in an attempt to show strength and describes the protesters in New York as “rabble and failure” and angry at the disclosure of his hiding in the basement of the White House

US President Donald Trump pressed state governors to deploy National Guard forces in an attempt to cement his position as a leader who imposes law and order, after a night in which Trump resorted to federal forces in Washington to show strength against The demonstrators.

Trump has threatened to deploy the armed forces to quell protests against police brutality, which rocked the country for a week.

The US President ordered the federal forces to release tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators outside the White House on Monday evening so that he could walk through a garden to go to a church to take pictures with a copy of the Bible.

Trump described the protesters in New York as “mobs and failures,” calling on city authorities to engage the National Guard to deal with the unrest.

“New York, they called in the National Guard,” Trump said in a tweet posted on Tuesday.

Rabble and failure tear the city apart.

Act quickly!

Do not repeat the same horrific and fatal mistake you made with the homes of the elderly (during the outbreak of the Coronavirus) !!!”.

In another tweet, Trump added, “New York imposed a curfew at 11:00 pm.

Not surprisingly, they tore parts of the city.

It should be imposed at 7:00 pm.

Call up the National Guard”.

New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan state governors were among those who opposed Trump’s order to use force against demonstrators.

Trump called on state governors to “control” the protests, which although most of them were peaceful, some of them turned into acts of people and looting in some cities.

The governors of 24 states have ordered the deployment of the National Guard, but in a highly protective role.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that city police failed to protect businesses and the public from looting and other criminal activity last night.

“The New York Police Department and Mayor Bill de Palacio did their homework last night,” Cuomo said in a daily briefing on the Coronavirus.

“I think the mayor underestimates the scale of the problem,” he added, noting that Bell de Palacio refused to receive the National Guard’s assistance.

Police and media reported that at least five U.S. police personnel were shot during violent protests in American cities over the killing of a defenseless black man while in police custody, hours after US President Donald Trump pledged to take refuge in the army if the unrest did not stop.

Trump deepened the anger in the country on Monday by appearing in a church near the White House carrying a copy of the Bible, after law enforcement personnel used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators.

According to media reports, the American Secret Service, charged with protecting the president, closed the streets around the White House on Tuesday, until further notice.

Demonstrators set fire to a Los Angeles shopping center, looted stores in New York City and clashes with police in St. Louis, Missouri, where four officers were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

St. Louis Police Commissioner John Hayden said about 200 protesters were looting, firing fireworks at policemen and throwing stones at them.

He added that “Mr. Floyd was killed elsewhere and they are sabotaging cities all over the country”.

Las Vegas police said in a statement that a policeman was shot during protests in the city.

Police said another policeman was “shot” in the same area, adding that policemen were wounded in clashes elsewhere, including a policeman, in critical condition, after a car hit him in the Bronx area of ​​New York.

A well-informed American source revealed to CNN that President Donald Trump was angry at the news that revealed his hiding in the fortified basement in the White House during the protests around the presidential residence, and told his aides that he wanted to appear outside the headquarters gates.

The network on Tuesday quoted the source as saying that Trump’s desire to appear at the scene of the protests was one of the reasons he went out to take a photo in front of St. John’s Church near the White House, which was preceded by the use of tear gas to purify the area of ​​peaceful protesters.

The source continued by saying that the US President expressed his frustration that he was photographed as worried about the protests outside the White House and hid underground in the dungeon basement, believing it looked weak.

Trump headed yesterday evening, Monday, under heavy security, from the White House to St. John’s Church, which was affected by sabotage Sunday night.

Trump stood in front of the church to take pictures, raising the Bible, saying, “We have a great country”.

Sources revealed to the network that Trump, his wife Melania and their son Barron were taken to the fortified basement in light of the protests outside the White House on Friday evening. Trump did not show up on Sunday and spent most of Monday behind closed doors, which worried even his allies that he was absent at the moment of a national crisis.

US President Donald Trump promised on Monday to restore security in the United States, which is witnessing a historic wave of anger provoked by the death of George Floyd while the police arrested him, threatening to deploy the army to stop the violence.

In New York, many supermarkets were plundered on the famous Fifth Avenue on Monday evening, police announced the arrest of “hundreds” of people.

The curfew imposed in the city from 23:00 to five in the morning Monday will start from 20:00 on Tuesday, as New York Mayor Bill de Plazio announced, stressing at the same time that the city is “completely under control and generally calm”.

Trump faces civil disobedience, the most serious of his term, with thousands of Americans protesting police violence, racism and social inequality, to which the Covid-19 epidemic spreads.

A week after George Floyd, the 46-year-old black citizen, was suffocated by a white policeman in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles and dozens of other American cities have stepped up security and extended the night curfew to empty the streets.

In Washington, dozens of protesters were arrested without violence on Monday evening for violating the curfew that started at 7 pm.

St. Louis Police Chief, Missouri, said that four policemen were shot, one of them in serious condition.

After a peaceful demonstration on Monday afternoon, about 200 people began throwing stones and firecrackers at the police, before beginning to loot the shops.

The police chief admitted that his men had responded with “ammunition”.

Faced with the turmoil that is adding to the emerging Coronavirus crisis, Trump announced on Monday in a resolute tone the deployment of “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” in the capital and two policemen to stop “riots and looting”.

He considered that the unrest that occurred on Sunday in Washington was a “stigma”, calling on state governors to move quickly and firmly to “control the street” and stop the cycle of violence.

“If a city or state refuses to make the decisions necessary to defend the lives and property of its residents, I will deploy the US military to quickly solve the problem instead of it,” Trump said in a warning tone.

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denounced this position, which Trump announced after a surprise visit to a church adjacent to the White House.

Biden said in a tweet on Twitter that Trump, who will face him in the November 3 presidential election, “is using the US military against the Americans”.

He is firing tear gas at peaceful protesters, and they are rubber-coated. For a photo”.

“For the sake of our children, and for the sake of our country’s spirit, we must defeat it.

But I mean this when I say it: We can only do it together”.

The tweet of former Vice President Barack Obama came after Trump went Monday evening, walking from the White House to St. John’s Church, which is adjacent to the presidential residence, and which was vandalized Sunday night during a demonstration protesting racism and police violence.

On Monday evening, Trump stood in front of the yellow architectural teacher, raising his right hand with the Bible and saying, “We have a great country”.

“This is the greatest country in the world and we will guarantee its security,” he added, before joining him in standing in front of the church that covered wood planks with its gate and windows, a number of personalities, including Justice Minister Bill Barr and White House spokesperson Kylie McKinney.

The Church of St. John, called the Church of the Presidents, was subjected to vandalism on the sidelines of protest demonstrations on Sunday night and saboteurs set it on fire.

From Boston to Los Angeles and from Philadelphia to Seattle, the protest movement has been peacefully expressing its positions so far, but it has witnessed nightly violence and sabotage.

Among the most prominent slogans that protesters gave, “I cannot breathe,” the last words of George Floyd breathed as a policeman pressed his knee on his neck to hold him to the ground, in addition to slogans condemning racism.

A video by passers-by spreading to Floyd’s last moments, showing police policeman Derek Shofen kneeling on his neck for about nine minutes while the 46-year-old man repeats, “I can’t breathe”.

University of Michigan expert Alicia Wilson, who examined the body at the request of the family, said, “Evidence indicates automated suffocation as a cause of death, and death as a method of death”.

The coroner’s report also showed that Floyd had died of asphyxiation by “pressing his neck”, describing the order as a murder, even if he indicated that he was under the influence of an opioid.

However, neither the sacking of the policeman who was charged with manslaughter, nor his arrest led to calming the atmosphere, and the demonstrations reached 140 American cities as they spread outside the United States.

China and Iran did not miss the opportunity to criticize Washington over the issue.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong Chief Executive Curry Lam also accused Washington of adopting a “double standard” policy because she criticized the way her government dealt with violent protests in the province, while the way the United States dealt with current protests there was not much different.