Syrian children drive out an American convoy in Al Hasakeh countryside

Syrian Army soldiers prevented an American convoy from passing through a military roadblock in the countryside of Hasakeh governorate, northeastern Syria.

Before children from the village’s villages sponsored, the convoy would turn back.

In Hasakeh at a checkpoint of the Syrian Army (the 154th Special Forces Regiment based in the city of Qamishli) prevented a convoy of the US forces, which includes 4 armored vehicles, from passing towards the village of “Al Dardara” in the countryside of the town of Tal Tamr, northwest of Hasakeh, Tuesday, June 2.

One of the Syrian Army officers said: In the beginning, I presented 3 armored vehicles of the American occupation army from the illegal (Qasrak) base in the vicinity of the town of Tal Tamr, and it was stationed near the bridge of Dardara, before trying to cross towards the villages under the control of the Arab army Syrian, so we prevented them from approaching”.

The officer, who is a first lieutenant, continued: One of the American occupation officers tried to speak with us, but we refused, and we asked them to leave and withdraw.

Immediately, let a group of children start throwing stones at the American armored vehicles, chanting slogans saluting the army and President Bashar Al Assad… and with the escalation the situation, US armored vehicles soon withdrew towards its illegal base.

“Pictures and videos reaching Russian Sputnik news agency show that children repeatedly stepped on parts of an US armored vehicle that he took away of them, in a spontaneous hint.

Refers to his refusal to have everything related to American forces on the lands of his village.

The people of Al Hasakeh governorate in northern Syria, and the people of the eastern Syrian tribes, continue their rejection of the American presence in their areas, with operations the almost daily response to the attempt of American soldiers, officers, and agents to enter their villages as the circle of resistance expands geographically.

The residents of Al Qahira and Dishisha villages in the Tal Tamer suburb of the northwestern countryside of Hasakeh a few days ago intercepted a convoy of vehicles belonging to the US forces, forcing them to return to their illegal bases in the area.

On May 20, Syrian Army soldiers prevented an American convoy from crossing a military roadblock in the countryside of the city of Hasakeh.

Sputnik agency correspondent in Al Hasakeh Governorate reported that a checkpoint belonging to the Syrian Army (Regiment 123 Infantry) prevented a convoy of US forces, includes 4 armored vehicles passing from the direction of Umm Al Khair village in the western countryside of Tal Tamr, northwest of Hasakeh.