Moscow: Turkey is asking for one billion dollars worth of weapons and negotiations to deliver the S-400 are in an advanced stage, and we are awaiting the final decision

Dmitry Shugayev, head of the Russian Federation for Military-Technical Cooperation, announced that the defense export portfolio of Turkey is estimated at one billion dollars.

Before that, the amount of Russian export contracts with Turkey was not officially announced.

“Today we can recall that Turkey’s portfolio of requests for Russian equipment is estimated at one billion dollars,” Shogayev said in an interview with Turkish Eco Turk TV.

The director of the Russian Federal Commission for Technical Military Cooperation also indicated that negotiations on the handover of the second system of the S-400 to Turkey are in an advanced stage, and Moscow is awaiting the final decision of Ankara.

Shughayev added: “Given the current restrictions regarding the known epidemic, predicting the date of concluding this contract is not easy.

However, negotiations over the supply of the second regiment of the S-400 are in a somewhat advanced stage, and we are awaiting a final decision from the Turkish side.

He stressed that Russia and Turkey are discussing a joint development of aviation and air defense systems, noting that “the prospects for cooperation have no borders”.