Biden accuses Trump of turning the United States into a “battlefield” with the intention of winning a second term in the election and promises to do everything in his power to “heal racist wounds”

Democratic candidate to the US presidential elections, Joe Biden, accused Republican President Donald Trump of turning the United States into a “battlefield” with the intention of winning a second term in the elections scheduled for next November, promising to do All he can to “heal racist wounds”.

The former vice president said in a speech in Philadelphia that the killing of George Floyd, the black citizen who spent 46 years suffocating under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis a week ago, was “a shock to our country” for all of us”.

This is the first time since mid-March that Biden, 77, risked traveling to a location outside of Delaware, where he had isolated himself due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the Democratic candidate was absent from the media that recently focused on coverage of the new Coronavirus and Trump’s handling of the health crisis, Biden doubled his statements and meetings after the suffocation of the defenseless black man in a crisis, in an incident that sparked demonstrations and protests interspersed with violence and sabotage across the United States.

Biden has repeatedly condemned the killing of Floyd and the “institutional racism” of the United States, but also called for calm, condemning the violence.

In his Tuesday speech, former Barack Obama deputy, the first black president in US history, accused President Donald Trump of being more concerned about being re-elected than his concern for reuniting the country.

Biden said Trump “has turned this country into a battlefield divided by old resentments and modern feelings of fear”.

He added that the Republican billionaire “believes that the split helps him” in winning the elections scheduled for the third of November, in which the Democratic candidate appears ahead of the President in the latest opinion polls.

Biden denounced the police for using force to disperse “peaceful demonstrators” in front of the White House in order to allow Trump to move to a nearby church on foot with the intention of taking a picture in front of her.

“When peaceful demonstrators are removed by order of the President of the White House, which is the home of the people, using tear bombs and sound bombs to organize a media operation in front of an ancient church, such behavior leads us to believe that the President is more eager to control than he has principles, and that he is more interested in the whims of his base,” he said.

The electoral requirements of him are based on the needs of those whom he is supposed to care for”.

“But I promise you this: I will not exploit feelings of fear and division, nor will I fuel feelings of hatred.

I will try to heal the wounds of racism that has long been ingrained in this country and I will not seek to exploit it for political benefits”.

“We cannot be naive.

I would have liked to say that hate began with Donald Trump and would disappear with him, but that is not the case.

This will not happen.

American history is not a fairy tale ending with a guaranteed happy ending”.

Biden stressed that “the time has come for our country to address institutionalized racism,” and appealed to Congress to take action from this month on “real police reform”.

And if the vast majority of parliamentarians decried the killing of Floyd, this does not mean that Congress can move quickly to undertake the required reform, as the American legislative authority is deeply divided between a House of Representatives dominated by a majority of Democrats and a Senate dominated by a majority of the Republic.

On Monday evening, Donald Trump announced in a brief speech the deployment of “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” and police in Washington.

During his speech from the gardens of the White House, which turned into an impenetrable fortress, the police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters who gathered in front of him.

The goal was to open the road to reach St. John’s Church, which is adjacent to the Presidential Residence, and which was sabotaged Sunday night during a demonstration against racism and police violence.

On Monday evening, Trump headed for a walk from the White House to the church, standing in front of it, raising its right hand with the Bible, to take pictures of it.

Trump was quick to respond to his Democratic rival.

“The sleepy atmosphere has been in politics for 40 years and has done nothing,” the president said in a tweet on Twitter.

In his tweet, Trump added, “Weakness will never defeat anarchists, thieves and bandits, and an atmosphere that has been politically weak throughout his life”.