“Secret” US laboratories encircling Russia and China

In a climate of suspicion and mutual accusations in the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, American biological laboratories abroad are raising increasing concerns about the potential risks to the lives and health of local residents, according to several reports.

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Washington’s extensive deployment of biological laboratories in countries neighboring China and Russia, and their failure to disclose the nature of biological experiments raises many questions.

The thorny issue this time raised by Russia, with China, and is based on multiple figures and information on US biological laboratories outside its borders.

According to the Pentagon, Washington has built 15 biological laboratories surrounding the two countries, but Russian information speaks of secret US laboratories, spread across twenty-seven countries, in the republics of the former Soviet Union.

In Ukraine alone, there are 15 biological laboratories, according to Moscow’s information.

In Georgia, Washington has a research network of three laboratories and 11 small research institutes.

Russian officials have also recently spoken that the United States currently has more than 200 biological labs in the world.

The Russian Foreign Minister considered that Washington’s extensive deployment of biological laboratories near Beijing and Moscow raises questions about its behavior and purposes, especially as it does not reveal the nature of the experiments conducted within it.

And Russian media revealed that these laboratories are searching for dangerous pathogens that are transmitted through insects, as well as researches related to human genetics and biological diversity research, which have military purposes.

Last April, the Russian State Department said that the US Department of Defense is using the fight against biological terrorism as an excuse to build laboratories around Russia, with the aim of strengthening its biological influence outside the country.

The failure of Washington to disclose the functions and uses of these laboratories was also questioned by Chinese experts, as interest increased in the nature of the American biological and viral laboratories with the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, which prompted some to demand their closure, especially with the uncertainty about whether they were offering human health in the existing countries. It out to danger.