SDF prevents people of taking US dollar from out of their controlled regions

The SDF administration in North and East Syria has decided to prevent the dollar from being taken out of its areas of control in order to maintain the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar in its areas of control.

On Saturday, the Deputy Joint Presidency of the Executive Council of the “SDF” department, Dran Jia Kurd, said that the administration had taken a decision to prevent the dollar from being withdrawn from the region, in order to maintain the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the US dollar.

Jia Kurd added, that a class of currency traders in the region collects the dollar to sell in the areas of the Syrian government, which affects its exchange rate against the Syrian pound across the country.

He noted that among the measures taken in this regard are dealing in dollars in the field of foreign trade, referring to basic materials such as bread, fuel, water and electricity, “their price will be preserved in the coming period”.

He revealed that the “SDF” administration intends to open centers to sell basic foodstuffs in city centers, where they will be sold at a low price and according to the basic cost of these materials, as he put it.

Turning to the statement of the International Alliance Adviser, Ambassador William Robak on the fact that the north and east of Syria are not affected by the sanctions, he explained that intensive meetings are conducted by the self-administration with the American side, but they have not yet received an adequate answer and a clear mechanism so far.

He pointed out that the American side stresses that the north and east Syria region will not be subject to sanctions under the American “Caesar” law, and keep them away from the effects that may result from it, he said.