An explosion targeting a Turkish patrol on the “M4” road

A Turkish patrol accompanied by gunmen from its mercenaries from opposition extremists’ organizations targeted to detonate on the international road “M4” in Al Ghassaniyeh area in Jisr Al Shughour countryside in Idlib countryside, leaving a wounded person from the occupation forces, according to opposition media sources said on Wednesday.

The media sources quoted mercenary sources as saying: “The big explosion that shook the Jisr Al Shughour countryside in the morning, and it was reported that a Russian aerial bombing, was a detonation of mines and charges in a house overlooking the international road, coinciding with the passage of an exploratory patrol of Turkish forces on the road”.

Previously, according to media sources, that a car bomb, “Pickup vehicle”, was discovered last Friday near the village of “Kafr Shalaya”, parked in warehouses overlooking the Aleppo-Latakia “M4” road, which was ready for detonation.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced last March that two Turkish soldiers were killed and a third wounded in an attack that said: “Radical factions” carried out in the de-escalation zone in Idlib, pointing to a similar response to the attack, in response to a landmine explosion planted by unknown persons on the road.

The international “M4” near the town of Mhambel in Idlib countryside, while a Turkish occupation patrol was passing.

Several media sources reported that the terrorist organization, “Guardians of Religion”, who brought it to the region, was involved in the attack on the patrol, while the Turkish Ministry of Defense did not name the actors, and only talked about what it called “radical factions”.

The opening of this road in the part between Aleppo to Latakia faces many obstacles due to the spread of extremist organizations supported by the Turkish occupation in the de-escalation zone in Idlib.

After 12 attempts in 66 days, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol managed on May 18 this year to cross the city of Ariha – Idlib countryside on this road according to the Russian-Turkish “Moscow Agreement” signed on March 5, which is an additional protocol to the “Sochi Agreement” between the two parties dated 17 September 2018.

Local sources in Orm Al Juz in Idlib countryside confirmed, that at the time that the Russian-Turkish joint patrol bearing number 12 passed, for the first time, the town 4 kilometers from the Ariha Bridge, the location of the arrival of the previous four patrols, to the village of “Al Kayasat” adjacent to the town of “Kfarshalaya”, which is far from the town of “Tarnaba”, the starting point of the patrols west of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib, about 27 km, which is the distance that the patrols were able to travel in a semi-flat area out of 70 km at the town of “Tal Al Hour” Western province countryside where the terrain is very rugged.