The US army is preparing to enter Raqqa and strengthen its activities in Syria

The US army has introduced new military and logistical reinforcements, which are huge in terms of quantity and quantity, to their illegal bases in the vicinity of oil fields in eastern Syria, and the intention of the United States to rebuild bases in the city of Raqqa.

The military convoy of the American forces contains 50 trucks entered on Saturday (May 23), Syrian territory coming from Iraq accompanied by military helicopters, through the illegal Al Walid border crossing.

The US convoy went immediately to the city of Shaddadi, south of Hasakeh, where the US base in the Al Jbisa oilfields headquarter.

In the context, Arab tribal sources confirmed that “US military experts recently visited the villages of Hazima, north of Raqqa, Al Karamah, east of Raqqa, and the villages of (Ayed, Al Jazirah) west of it, and chose them as places to start building new military points and bases in them”.

The US forces withdrew their bases from the Syrian province of Raqqa in the context of announcing the withdrawal from Syria and the agreement it concluded with Turkey last year, before retracting that as the Syrian army advanced in the region.

Kurdish media outlets reported that there is an American plan to establish new military bases in Raqqa, which is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, as part of the redeployment in the region again.

The sites quoted a source close to the leadership of SDF that “the United States of America is working seriously on the ground to establish new points and bases for it in the countryside of Raqqa, in the context of redeployment in the region”.

The American forces introduced on May 17, 50 vehicles, including trucks, refrigerators and a number of armored vehicles loaded with logistical equipment and weapons towards its bases in the Rumailan region through the oilfields road.

Also, the US army is introducing military reinforcements of all kinds to its bases in Al Hasakeh and Deir Al Zour, where wells and oil and gas fields are found on a daily basis.

The reporter explained that “the new American military reinforcements included weapons and ammunition, in addition to four-wheel drive cars, concrete barriers and pre-made rooms, where the convoy was accompanied by two helicopters belonging to the American army”.