Russian and Syrian navies are training to protect the port of Tartous from saboteurs

The commander of the Russian base in Tartous, Vyacheslav Rodionov, announced that the Russian and Syrian military personnel conducted a joint exercise to protect the port of Tartous from a gang of saboteurs.

According to the training scenario, four divers spoilers attempted to place an explosive device at the bottom.

The Russian anti-sabotage boat, “Raptor”, has reached the place where the packaging might be.

Saboteur destroyed the Russian and Syrian armies, and two others tried to escape.

Behind them were Russian swimmers.

The saboteurs were caught and taken to the beach, and handed over to the Russian military police.

According to the scenario, the divers worked in coordination with a group of violators trying to penetrate the naval base with a high-speed boat.

The anti-sabotage boat, “Raptor”, and “Kenil” boat, halted the violators’ actions.

The latest Russian minesweeper “Ivan Antonov” cleared mines and opened a passage for the two boats.

Its crew discovered and destroyed many floating mines underwater.

Participated in the exercises, minesweepers and boats belonging to the Syrian Navy.

Rodionov said: “A joint tactical exercise was carried out between the Syrian navy and the Russian navy; During the joint tactical exercise, the various defense issues of Tartous were resolved.

All of the planned training objectives have been achieved.

The Syrian Navy and the Russian Navy are ready to protect and defend the Tartous Naval Base”.