Chomsky: bold predictions for The United States future post-Coronavirus

The prominent American philosopher Noam Chomsky said that the United States is heading towards disaster, as a result of its lack of a federal strategy in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic and the absence of a health guarantee for all in it.

In analyzing the situation in the United States as the country most affected by the Coronavirus, Chomsky, 91, said the country lacks a “coherent administration”, where “the White House is led by a socially diseased person with paranoia, who only cares for his authority and electoral benefits”.

He must surely maintain the support of his base, which includes great fortunes and the most prominent employers”.

Chomsky added in an interview with “Agence France-Presse”: “Since his coming to power, Trump dismantled the epidemic prevention mechanism in full, cut off funding for epidemic prevention centers, and canceled cooperation programs with Chinese scientists aimed at identifying potential viruses”.

The United States was not particularly prepared.

He explained that US society is a highly privatized, privileged society that has great advantages, but that it interests two private interests.

There is no health system for everyone, which is very important today.

This can be described as the neoliberal system par excellence.

Chomsky, author of hundreds of books and a professor at the University of Arizona, considered that “Europe is worse in many ways, with austerity programs that increase the level of danger, attacks against democracy, and the transfer of decisions to Brussels and the unelected troika bureaucracy (European Commission, European Central Bank, Monetary Fund International), ”but added that it“ has at least the remains of a social-democratic structure that provides a measure of support, which the United States lacks”.

Chomsky warned of a more serious threat from the Coronavirus pandemic, and said that “we will get out of this epidemic for a very high price”, but “we will never recover from the melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and other negative effects of climate change”.

He continued, “The United States… is moving quickly towards the abyss, by canceling programs and legislation that would alleviate the disaster”.

In response to a question about fears of humanity entering a new era of digital censorship with the adoption of many countries by technology to monitor the population in order to combat Coronavirus, Chomsky said that technological development is practical, but the information going “to Google, Facebook and the government gives a huge potential for monitoring and monitoring”.

“If we let these tech giants dominate our lives, this is what will happen,” he warned.

It will be similar to what exists in China, where there are social monitoring systems, and facial recognition technology everywhere.

Everything you do as an observer.

If you cross in the wrong place, you can lose credits”.