The United States announces that Caesar’s Act will exclude “self-administration” areas in northern Syria

William Robak, the US envoy to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, confirmed that Caesar’s sanctions law on Syria would exclude “self-management” areas there.

William Robak, during his meeting with the “Democratic Self-Administration” in Ain Al Arab (Kobane) on Saturday, that what is related to the penal law within the framework of Caesar’s Act will exclude the areas of self-administration and there will be joint work and coordination within the framework of American support programs.

Regarding the security and political aspects, Robak promised to submit a detailed report to the American leadership and work to formulate appropriate solutions to all outstanding issues.

The two sides discussed the general conditions in the region and issues of common concern, and the “Administration” presented the security risks to the residents of the border villages as a result of the indiscriminate Turkish shelling and targeting of civilians and their properties in clear violation of the cease-fire.

The Administration assured Envoy Robak that “the desired solution in Syria is to build a political system for a pluralistic, decentralized, democratic Syria that preserves the privacy of northern and eastern Syria and constitutionally affirms the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people”.