The Syrian Minister of Health announces the closure of the port of Tartous after a Russian worker was infected with the Coronavirus

The Syrian and Russian authorities closed the port of Tartous on Saturday after an infection of the Coronavirus with a Russian worker at the port.

Commenting on the closure of the port of Tartous after a suspected infection of one of the Russian side with the Coronavirus, the Syrian Minister of Health Dr. Nizar Yazigi said that the subject is not that way, but that when examining one of the elements of the Russian side at the port, he gave a positive result and an accuracy rate of 70 percent.

The Minister of Health stated in a statement, “In the interest of the Ministry of Health for the health of workers and the public health of the people, the workers were prevented from leaving the port until the examinations of all those in contact with the suspected case were conducted.

The Minister indicated that the port is operating normally and a second PCR test of the suspected case will be conducted tomorrow to confirm or deny that it has contracted the virus.

The private Syrian newspaper Al Watan quoted the director general of the port from the Syrian side, Nadim Al Hayek, as saying that “the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Russian side operating the port, closed at 5 pm this Saturday, preventing the port from entering and leaving it”.

For his part, the director of the port of Tartous, Thaer Wanous, confirmed that “the procedures were tightened immediately after the appearance of the injury, adding that surveys of Syrian workers would have been taken if the surveys had found that none of the Russian staff other than the injured person was infected”.

The newspaper added that “the Ministry of Health requested that a swab be taken from the person suspected of being infected for analysis on the more accurate PCR system to confirm or deny the case”.

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced in a statement yesterday that it had received a copy of it, “recording 11 new cases of Coronavirus among those Syrians who arrived from the State of Kuwait, which raises the outcome of infections recorded in Syria to 70 cases”.

The ministry’s statement confirmed that “the total number of registered infections with the Coronavirus in Syria, to date, 70 cases of cure, of which 37 were infected, and 4 cases died”.