Haftar Forces announces the capture of 12 mercenaries with Syrian citizenship


The Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced the capture of 12 people, who they said were “mercenaries with Syrian citizenship”.

A statement issued by the Military Media Division of the National Army, Saturday, said that “the armed forces target boob-gathering groups inside the Yarmouk camp, after placing them in a tight ambush by luring them inside the camp.”

The statement added that this targeting “left a large number of dead among the crowd groups, as our units have captured 12 mercenaries who hold Syrian citizenship belonging to these groups”.

The Media Division published a video of the operation, and activists posted on Facebook a video of the families of those said to be “mercenaries”.

For his part, Libyan Parliament Speaker-elect Aqila Saleh said on Saturday, that Libya is subject to a conspiracy that crosses borders, a conspiracy aimed at destroying the state, violating sovereignty and occupation, and plundering wealth, and we are fighting terrorists and aggressors against our country, who came to us from everywhere.

Aqila added: “We made every effort and are still in order to reach a consensus that preserves the country’s sovereignty and the dignity of its people and fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the Libyans, and even for their obstruction of reaching a political solution.

The Presidency Council and the selection of a new parliament from a president, two deputies, and a government of a president and two deputies representing the three historical regions, and each region chooses its representative in the council.

Aqila stressed that ignoring the outputs of the Berlin conference and in light of the risks of foreign invasion and stopping the production and export of oil and falling prices, high exchange rates and the negative effects of the Coronavirus epidemic on the economies of countries, and the control of the Presidential Council, groups and militias on the central bank and the National Oil Corporation in addition to external banks and foreign investment companies, will serve These groups enable them to consolidate their control over the capital and continue to commit robbery to the wealth of Libyans, that will weaken us in the face of the collapse of the state’s financial ability and thus the government’s inability to run the lives of citizens”.

Aqila Saleh said that supporting the Libyan National Army (Haftar Forces) in combating terrorism and expelling those he described as mercenaries and dismantling armed groups and militias controlling the capital, would enable and continue the elected parliament to exercise its functions in accordance with the constitutional declaration and the legislation in force until the election of a legislative authority New.

Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter, in an audio recording two days ago, called on officers and soldiers of the General Command in all axes to continue the fighting, saying: “You are fighting a holy war that is open on all fronts”, according to the Libyan Central Gate.

Haftar added, “You are fighting an all-out war in which there is nothing but victory, as we are used to in all our battles against terrorism”.

The clashes took place in the south of the capital, Tripoli, near the Salah Al Din area, where the forces of the National Accord Government announced the progress and control of Hamza camp and Yarmouk camp, before Haftar’s forces released videos showing the restoration of their control over the Yarmouk camp this evening.