Civilians burn cars and headquarters of SDF in Al Hasakeh North east of Syria

Hundreds of residents of the town of “Tel Hamis” in the countryside of Al Hasakeh governorate, northeastern Syria, went out with a popular demonstration after Friday prayers, against the repressive practices and cut off electricity and water by the “SDF” forces from their town and their villages.

In Al Hasakeh Governorate, “Dozens of residents of Tal Hamis town in the southeastern countryside of Al Qamishli city went out on Friday, May 22, with a popular demonstration in front of the centers of SDF forces in the town because of the interruption of electric power and water for them and repressive practices against the townspeople Among the sons of Arab tribes who reject the US presence.

Residents of Arab villages and towns among the Arab tribes flatly reject the presence of US forces, and they are increasingly resisting it and preventing it from approaching their areas.

A resident of Tal Hamis said that a large group of men and youths of the town went out at noon, on Friday, against a continuous electricity cut off from the town and its villages and cut off drinking water in conjunction with high temperatures and approaching Eid Al Fitr, which led to the disruption of the interests and actions of the residents.

He continued that “the demonstrators attacked a number of cars belonging to SDF and burned them, and destroyed one of its centers”.

Adding that “the demonstrators were chanting, according to the dialect of the people of the region”, peaceful, peaceful against the cutoff of electricity and water… and repressive practices”.

Noting at the same time that “the actions of the SDF forces against the people of the town of Tal Hamis and its countryside come as a punishment for them as a result of their national positions rejecting the US presence, and the repeated response by a large number of villages of the town to US armored vehicles and preventing them from penetrating the roads that pass through them, and expelled a patrol in the countryside of Tal Barak”.

In the same context, the residents of Tal Jahash village, in the countryside of Tal Barak, northeast of Al Hasakeh, expelled a patrol of the Kurdish “Asayish” forces, the security arm of the “SDF” forces.

A journalist correspondent in Al Hasakeh Governorate said that “a patrol of the Kurdish “Asayish” forces accompanied by a judge working with it entered the village of Tal Jahash two days ago to confiscate the barley crop belonging to a resident of the village.

The journalist correspondent added that “the residents of the village attacked the “Asayish” cars and prevented them from confiscating the crop while they were fleeing from them, the judge car hit one of the residents in addition to a member of the “Asayish” forces called “Zahra”, which led them to enter the hospital.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Army prevented, three days ago, a US military convoy from crossing through a rural village in the town of Tal Tamr, northwest of Al Hasakeh.

The people of the villages (Hamo, Khirbet Amo, Buir Al Bouassi, Farfara, Tal Ahmed, Umm Ghadir, Helwa, Al Asaad, and Al Raheya Soda), have fended off during the past months a large number of US military convoys who tried to cross from their villages, and forced them to withdraw and retreat to the place they came from.