A Russian warning raid on crowds of pro-Turkish fighters in Jabal Al Zawiya preparing for an attack on Syrian army positions

Russian warplanes launched a warning raid on gatherings of pro-Turkish fighters in the Syrian province of Idlib, as the aircraft overflew the Jabal Al Zawiyah area after the fighters were massing forces that appeared to be preparing to start an attack on Syrian army positions.

Russian aircraft launched a raid, the first over Idlib, after the signing of the Moscow agreement between Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Turkish counterpart Rajab Tayyab Erdogan last March.

What sparked a wave of suspicions to open fronts in Idlib again, and Ankara may be thinking of the same thing, threatening the cease-fire agreement in Idlib, the location in Moscow.

In this context, several sources reported that a Turkish military convoy of about 100 military vehicles had entered from Kafr Lucin crossing to Turkish observation points in Idlib, Syria.

Reports noted that the convoy includes about 100 military vehicles, 15 tanks, a number of mortars “howitzers”, military transport vehicles, ammunition trucks, logistical equipment and fortification mechanisms, and Turkish forces introduced a convoy of trucks loaded with logistical materials to reinforce their points in the Ras Al Ain region at the countryside of Al Hasakeh.

Rescue teams had found the identity of one of those killed in the bombing of a march plane yesterday that is likely to belong to the “International coalition”, where they targeted a car on Sheikh Iskan Road in the countryside of Jenderes west of Aleppo, and the sources said that one of the dead was a former leader of the “Islamic State”, who constantly moving between Idlib and the district of jenderes, while Turkish forces detained the second casualty, without identifying him.

On the other hand, calls spread on social media and pages belonging to fighters in Idlib to establish a sermon and Eid prayer on the Aleppo highway of Latakia M4 near Ariha city bridge, in a move to express anger over the passage of Russian patrols on the international road according to the Russian-Turkish agreement.