Trump accuses the World Health Organization of being a “puppet” in the hands of China and reveals his use of controversial anti-malarial drugs as a protection against Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump launched a violent attack on the World Health Organization on Monday, describing it as a “puppet of China” and assuring that he will soon make a final decision on the fate of US funding for the United Nations.

“I am not happy with the World Health Organization… They are a puppet of China,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

In response to a question about the fate of the organization’s annual financial contribution to the organization, which amounts to about $ 450 million annually, which Trump announced in mid-April, his intention to stop it, the US president did not give a definite answer, saying that we will make a decision soon.

The US President also disclosed that he was taking a medicine called Hydroxychloroquine, which treats malaria, which he prescribes to treat the Coronavirus, despite medical warnings about its use as a preventive drug against the virus.

He told reporters, “I took it during the past week and a half at the rate of one tablet per day”.

On the other hand, he criticized the supposed Democratic candidate for the upcoming US presidential elections, Joe Biden, President Trump, accusing him of stoking “feelings of hate and fear” against Asian Americans.

“The pandemic unleashed forces known to spread hate, fear and xenophobia,” Biden said while participating in a hypothetical event for Americans of Asian and Pacific descent, adding that Trump “brought with him a new series of racist messages, verbal and physical attacks against Asian Americans”.

Last week, Trump suddenly ended his press conference on the Coronavirus after a controversy erupted between him and an US reporter of Asian-American origin.