Jordan threatens to cancel provisions of the peace treaty with Israel if the latter implements the decision to annex the valley and the northern Dead Sea to its sovereignty

Jordan has threatened to freeze some provisions of the peace treaty with Israel.

According to the Israeli radio, if Israel annexes the valley and the northern Dead Sea, Amman may freeze some of the peace treaty provisions without abolishing it completely.

The sources added in an interview with the eleventh Israeli television channel last night: “The agreement is in the interest of both sides, noting that the allegation about Jordan’s need for the treaty more carelessness”.

The Jordanian sources noted that the annexation will affect first and foremost security and military cooperation with Israel, including the exchange of intelligence information and an assessment of the situation.

The Jordanian sources suggested that the annexation would also affect economic cooperation, especially in the water and gas sectors, as well as the possibility of closing the two embassies in Tel Aviv and Amman.

The Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al Safadi warned that the annexation of Palestinian lands by Israel would end the two-state solution and undermine the chances of achieving a comprehensive peace.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian leadership is in meeting today (Tuesday) to discuss possible responses to any such Israeli move.