Trump has withdrawn its threat and decided to resume funding for the “World Health Organization” and promises to increase the volume of support

The US administration of President Donald Trump will resume part of the funding for the World Health Organization, after he had previously commented on the claim of the organization’s “failure”, and its proximity to China in the Coronavirus.

According to Fox News, they received a 5-page letter, stating that the Trump administration would give the World Health Organization as much money as China, in certain areas.

Taker Carlson, the show’s presenter, said: “We have heard that Trump will sign the aforementioned message.

We do not know how convinced he is”.

According to the channel, Trump said in the message that he believed the organization still had great potential despite the failed moves.

Trump also indicated that the United States could increase funding volume in a balanced way if China did so.

Last April, Trump instructed his administration to freeze his country’s aid to the organization, accusing it of mismanaging the Coronavirus crisis.