The Syrian Army and Al Sham Liberation Headquarter exchange prisoners

On Saturday, Syrian government forces exchanged prisoners with Syrian opposition of Al Sham Liberation Headquarter, in the town of Darat Azza, in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

A source close to the Syrian government forces, who asked not to be named, told the German News Agency (DPA), “A prisoner exchange process took place with terrorist organizations in the Darat Azza area in the western countryside of Aleppo to release an officer and a member of our armed forces, in exchange for the release About four fighters from terrorist organizations”.

In turn, a military commander in the National Liberation Front confirmed to (DPA) the release of four Syrian prisoners from the Syrian government forces, three of whom belong to the Al Sham Liberation Headquarter and the other belonging to the Ahrar Al Sham movement, in exchange for the release of Colonel Abdel Karim Suleiman, who was captured in the town of Kafr Nabudah in the middle of last year, and the last is a civilian from Hama who was captured in 2014.

The Al Sham Liberation Headquarter (Formerly known as Al Nusra Front) and the opposition factions carried out several exchanges with the Syrian government forces in the eastern and northern countryside of Aleppo, the last of which was last month where members of the Lebanese Hezbollah were exchanged, in exchange for detainees from the opposition factions in the prisons of the Syrian government, and dozens of detainees were exchanged between the two sides during the year, includes women.