The Russian President: We have high-tech weapons that have no counterpart in the world, thanks to science and engineering personnel

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that, had it not been for the science and engineering staff, Russia would not have high-tech weapons that have no counterpart in the world.

Putin said during an interview on the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” which was broadcasted on Saturday.

Putin said “This is a very clear fact, were it not for the existence of science schools, engineers, and basic sciences, we would not have had any kind of modern high-tech weapons that have no equivalent in the world”.

In his statement to the Federal Assembly, on 1 March 2018, the Russian President announced the development of the latest types of weapons capable of bypassing supersonic missile defense and air defense systems, such as air defense systems “Kingal”, “Avangard” “Purifestnik”, the laser fighting system “Peresvet” and the unmanned nuclear submarine “Poseidon”.

In 2008, large-scale military reform began in Russia, one of the most important elements of which has been the program to rearm the armed forces.

It was decided in 2010 to allocate 20 trillion rubles (317 billion dollars according to the current exchange rate) until 2020, with the goal of bringing the proportion of new technologies in the armed forces to 70 percent.