Chinese newspaper: Russia has new nuclear capabilities

A Chinese newspaper revealed the modern nuclear capabilities of Russia, referring to the submarine and new nuclear torpedoes.

According to the Chinese newspaper “Zhonghua Guan”, the nuclear torpedoes were already in the military service of the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War, referring to the American “Mark 45” and the Soviet “Т-5” in addition to “Т-15”.

The torpedoes was supposed to carry a warhead of 50 megatons and then 100 megatons, but the Soviet Union abandoned the project, as the Chinese newspaper considered that the “Poseidon” submarine is very close to the “Т-15” project, due to the fact that these torpedoes are transcontinental.

According to the newspaper, “Poseidon” torpedoes possess a huge size and are capable of carrying a 200-megaton nuclear warhead, and at the same time they can reach anywhere in the world from under the water and can attack both the enemy’s naval bases as well as aircraft carriers.

The newspaper added that both “Khabarovsk” and “Belgorod” submarines will be equipped with “Poseidon” torpedoes. Moreover, the Belgorod submarine is the longest submarine in the world.

The newspaper added that the integration of huge nuclear submarines and strategic nuclear torpedoes is a new generation of strategic weapons under water, and allows new methods of attack as missile defense systems bypass enemies.